I have worked with a huge about of people on teams, some very impressive ones at that, butI would like to introduce a few talented Makeup artists and Hairstylists I work with that really stand out from the crowd, and if you dont know who are already, you really should!

The first is my wonderful friend and Makeup artist Lucy Wearing, I work with lucy on most of my shoots and you really should check her out! Lucy and her boyfriend also run a photography The Studio in the Palace which I shoot in regularly. 

Second is Sami Knight, a Hairstylist who specialises in incredible vintage doo's from sleek waves to huge bouffants, I work with Sami on every shoot possible!

I recently worked with Louis Bryrne and he produced amazing results, it seems he's full of creative ideas!

Last but not least is Makeup artist Lucy Bridge, I have worked with Lucy once or twice but would love to work with her far more than that!